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What Is Rough Around the Edges Recordings?

I watched a video called The Elephant 6 Recording Co (New York, NY : Kino Lorber, 2023) and was hugely inspired by how the flock of young people depicted in the film used, in the 1990s, what they had on hand, not having much money for equipment, and discovering that they could still make music that people liked and enjoyed and that the process was in itself hugely enjoyable and that what they had on hand did in effect actually work well with what they were trying to say through their music. So I decided to make my own songs, which ended up becoming The Harbinger Wren album. I had a desktop computer with the software program Audacity on it, a reasonably good mic, lots of ideas, and now nothing to hold me back in just playing with it and loving the process. The voices are all me, and the instruments include a tambourine, a drum, a xylophone, a mariachi—all from the Savers thrift store—an ocarina gifted to me, and items found around the house like a saucepan lid, a wooden spoon, a plastic box of staples for a staple gun, a wooden candlestick, a pencil, and a string of four little bells that have been hanging in my window for years. So, yes, the work is a little rough around the edges (thus inspiring the name of my recording “company”—Rough Around the Edges Recordings) but to me that just makes it more endearing, and it speaks to the fact that we don’t have to have lots of expensive equipment or even lots of training in an area to create. Just go for it! I hope that it inspires you on your spiritual path and on your creative path. Are they not one and the same?

Photo of various instruments and household items used in creating the album The Harbinger Wren.

Most of the band.

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