Many thanks to the editors of these journals
for the opportunity to share my work.

On the Web

"Some Assembly Required," Volume One Local Lit, January 2020.

"Tornadoes that Ruined Christmas," Volume One Local Lit, December 11, 2019.

"Over Too Summer," Rappahannock Review, Issue 7.1 (Winter 2019). Contributor interview here.

"Staying, Breathing" and "Gyroscopic," Sheila-Na-Gig, Winter 2019.

"Delicacies of Astronomical Proportions," Rumble Fish Quarterly, Fall 2019.

"Checking on My Plot in the Community Garden, Early June," Volume One Local Lit, July 10, 2019.

In Print Journals

"Late Winter," Barstow & Grand, Fall 2018.

"Orchid, Torn Raincoat," "Where We Live Now,"
Harbinger Asylum, Winter 2017.

"Noah Jones," "O of Own," taint, February 2002.

"Remember You," California Quarterly, February 2002.

"Birthday Song," "This Light," Cider Press Review, Summer 2001.

"All Livid at the Loose," "List for Moving," Artemis Journal, November 2001.

"Cinquains: Lessons," Borderlands, February 2002.

"Coming to with Night Glitter on You," "I'm Interested," "Like Lascaux," The Green Light Literary Journal, August 2018.

"At Random," Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, November 1, 2016.

Other poems at Volume One Local Lit.

"Calling Deep," "Walking Music," "the poem i," Life and Legends, January 2015.

"Resolute at the River," Avatar Review, June 2013.

"Foreshadowing Afterlife," Wisconsin Academy Review, Fall 2003.

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