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May 5, 2019, Reading at 200 Main Art & Wine

Looking forward to this reading in the spring! More information as the date nears.


I was born near a river and seem to always end up living close to one. I have two grown sons. I’m a dog person. I work in healthcare and publishing. I try to study and internalize good poetry, poetry that I like, emulate it, extrapolate on it, and just have fun while also learning, remembering, savoring, trying things. There are times, though, when I mostly just try to get out of the way because in many ways the subconscious is a much better writer than I am. I strive to be a better editor, though. I have three degrees, but none of them are in creative writing (all due respect to those who've taken that path).

I facilitate a handful of small groups in hopes of being supportive to other writers, mostly poets. They teach ME so much. I’ve written a few songs. I sang in public once. My houseplants are still alive. I don’t think one can ever read too much Dean Young. Bumblebees are loud when you’re sitting on the ground next to a bunch of flowers and they fly from one to another not wanting to miss a single sip.

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